Placemats & Napkins

All fabric dyed and printed with plant dyes, including: madder, weld, cutch, walnut, chestnut, logwood, fustic and lemon juice.

Photos by Beardedman Photography


2 thoughts on “Placemats & Napkins

  1. Wow your printing is so amazing!. Found your site last week when searching for felt making .
    During a walk yesterday and seeing the sycamores leaves on the ground w such distinct veins thought of printing and wondered
    how w natural dyes. Maybe just dehydrate or use a algae for thickening…?
    Your colors are so nice together and designs. Are some done by silk screen w a resist (havnt tried silkscreening yet)?


    1. Thanks! Yes, I would cook them up until they’re super concentrated, and because you’re working that way, depending on the consistency you may not need a thickener (I rehydrate powdered extracts). I find that seaweed thickeners curdle with natural dyes and the best bet would be gum tragacanth, or you could experiment with other gums. Yes, I silkscreen them on screens with photo emulsion on them. If you’re just getting into silkscreening, you could start with cutting a stencil and taping it to a screen, just to get a sense of the process. Stencils cut in mylar can be quite intricate and can last a reasonably long time.


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