grey sky and colour

I’ve been doing my best to learn from a disappointing experience. The art prints I was so excited about are here, and they’re alright, but they don’t look anything quite like the originals. Somewhere in the scanning the colours got blown out and greyed and the print shop declared watercolours too elusive to reproduce accurately. So I have these wonky prints (maybe I could sell them for cheap?) Has anyone else had a similar experience? What worked? 

We’ve had overcast sky for much of this past week- some days soft like grey flannel, others overbearingly bright but not sunny. The garden has been rocketing along with little assistance from us, and providing tender salads and pockets of colour where before there was dry dirt. 

My patient husband made me take a painting break today. I’m so glad he did. Taking time for myself, especially time for doing art, is something I really need to work on. It’s so easy to prioritize all the never ending house and garden tasks, imagining the beautiful peace I will have when it’s all done, but the hours  just keep slipping by. 



2 thoughts on “grey sky and colour

  1. Lovely photos and I quite like the bird painting. πŸ™‚ I get my watercolours on paper and my iPad art printed at a local office shop on their laser copier; very inexpensive. Although not popular with some artists, I’m very happy with how they look . This place has a relatively new model laser printer, which maybe why it works so well. I use a gloss (archival quality) and a lovely matt paper – both are a heavier weight than than the usual copy paper. The colours are very similar in look to more expensive ink prints. I can do further work, if I want, on prints, on the matt paper. Perhaps you can work back over your prints (not sure what media, as it may not take watercolour) and if it’s gloss it could be difficult. Hope you can work something out. All the best, Janette.


    1. Thank you. I got the name of another shop that I’ll try out, and purchasing a nice laser printer could be in the picture down the road. It was very strange to compare the prints and see the blues turned to washed out grey and the yellow browned and faded. Painting on the prints is a great idea, I’ll experiment with that. πŸ™‚

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